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Alexia and Joel Longevity: Practical Ways To Feed Your Microbiome Its Favorite Food #01

December 7, 2020

Here is practical advice on what to feed your Microbiome to help strengthen your Immune System. The Microbiome is the hottest topic in the medical world. Dr. Joel Rauchwerger Ph.D. known as Dr. Longevity, tells you WHAT to eat and why you need to make friends with your microbiome.

Dr. Joel Rauchwerger Ph.D. is a world expert in stress management,  preventative medicine, health and fitness, and mental wellbeing. He served on the faculty at Baylor College in Houston, Texas, and also was on the medical team in the 1970’s that delivered *the boy in the bubble* the baby born without an Immune System. Dr Rauchwerger also worked in the research lab of world famous heart transplant specialist, Dr. Michael DeBakey at Baylor. Learn more about the work of Dr.Rauchwerger at DrLongrevity.org